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  • Cornell University - Fashion Design

  • Washington University in St. Louis - Fashion Design, Scholarship $40,000.00

  • Drexel University - Fashion Design, Scholarship $69,200.00

Kylie Gillen (Oakton HS, 2022)
Cornell University
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1.  How do you feel about your college acceptance?

I feel extremely relieved and excited about my college acceptances! I am thrilled to be attending my number one choice, Cornell.

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2. When did you start the portfolio class, and how did you prepare your portfolio?

I started the portfolio classes in December of my junior year, along with fashion design and sewing classes. In order to prepare my portfolio, I participated in Summer Open Studio Hours and continued attending studio classes throughout the fall and winter of my senior year. I selected my top five college choices which informed me the number of studio and fashion pieces I needed. Working with the ISA staff, I came up with a plan and a schedule to complete those prior to the deadline.

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3. What is your favorite artwork that you made?

My favorite artworks I made are my Kamon Kimono and my Jyuunihitoe (12-layer) Dress. It was incredibly rewarding to see my sketches come to life with tangible garments and amazing to work with models to stage the outfit as a whole: the hair, dress, makeup, and accessories.

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4. Do you have any advice for the new portfolio students?

My advice for new portfolio students is to trust the process, listen to the ISA staff, and give it your all! Although preparing your portfolio is often overwhelming and difficult, it is important to give your best effort and the desired results will follow. It will all work out, good luck!

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5. Tell us your thoughts about the ISA!

I am deeply grateful for the teachers, mentors, and guidance I have received from ISA in helping me achieve my goals. Despite beginning my portfolio late in the process and having limited studio skills, ISA staff supported and instructed me throughout the journey and I have learned so much from them. Thank you ISA!

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